the foothills of Glen Lake

Café & Motel

Services & AMENITIES

Relax and enjoy the comfort and retro charm of the Foothills of Glen Lake....

Foothills Motel featured amenities include:

Non-smoking, pet-free rooms 

Six rooms with two queen beds

Two rooms with one king bed (these are available to adjoin to two of the queen rooms)

Heat temperature controlled by private thermostat

Color TV 

No swimming pool, but we've got a great story about the one that used to be here.   Plus, the lakes are right around the corner.  A sauna is in the future plans.

No fitness center, but you can go for a jog around the lake...And call us if you need a ride back. 

WIFI available 24/7.

Foothills Cafe:  

Relax and enjoy a great cup of fair trade coffee, a hearty breakfast, and plan your day. Or just sit back and watch the birds! The bird families (along with our summer locals) return from their southern vacations every year.  We do our best to keep EVERYONE well fed and happy.  Open at 7 a.m. , the Foothills Cafe boasts a full menu of family fare, reasonable prices, yummy food and excellent service.   Home of the Bomblette, special recipe pancakes and the BEST Eggs Benedict, It is located on the premises of the Foothills Motel!